Dustin Hahn, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

Department of Communication

College of Fine Arts

West Texas A&M University

Office: Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex, Room 166

Email: dhahn@wtamu.edu

Phone: (806) 787-4625

Dustin Hahn's 2013 CV


Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas)      Fall 2011 to Spring 2014

            Degree: Doctorate of Philosophy in Media and Communication

            Note: I will walk in December having successfully defended my dissertation.

Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas)      Fall 2010 to Spring 2012

            Degree: Master of Arts in Mass Communications, Thesis Track

            Thesis: "More than just a pretty face? Examining the influence of attractiveness and reporter/athlete

            congruity on perceived credibility"

Harding University (Searcy, Arkansas)         Fall 2006 to Fall 2009

            Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media Productions, Magna Cum Laude

Media Skills

West Texas A&M University (January 2014 to Present)

MCOM 1307 – Introduction to Mass Communication (Twice)

            Description: Intensive course in audio/visual preparation, shooting, production

MCOM 1336 – Basic Video Production (Twice)

            Description: Intensive course in audio/visual preparation, shooting, production

MCOM 2174 – Sports Media Practicum

            Description: Hands-on content production course in sports media

MCOM 2310 – Media Design

            Description: Intensive course in audio/visual preparation, shooting, production

MCOM 2376 – Mass Communication Theory

            Description: Introduced students to major concepts and theories in the field

MCOM 3335 – Television Reporting and Anchoring (Twice)

            Description: Prepared students for live, weekly news broadcasts


Lubbock Christian University (Fall 2013)

COM 3301 – Sports Writing and Reporting

            Description: Prepared students for live and recorded work in sports reporting


Abilene Christian University (May 2012 to May 2013)

JMC 201 – Introduction to Visual Media

            Description: Guided students through photo and video shooting and editing

JMC 239 – Writing for Electronic Delivery (Three Sections)

            Description: Prepared students for Web writing, usability, and engagement

JMC 310 – Electronic Media Principles (Two Sections)

            Description: Intensive course in audio/visual preparation, shooting, production

JMC 400 – Guided Study: Digital Sports Media

            Description: Pragmatic and research-based independent study in sports media


Texas Tech University (Fall 2012 to Fall 2014 intermittently)

EMC 3315 – Principles of Digital Media (Two Sections)                

            Description: Guided students through the production of a professional website

EMC 3335 – Video Production and Editing

            Description: Taught students the basics of videography and production

ADV 3361 – Advertising Design and Layout

            Description: Portfolio-building course applying theoretical concepts of design

MCOM 3380 – Mass Communication Research Methods

            Description: Quantitative and qualitative social scientific research methods


Instructor Position Description: As the instructor of record for the above courses, I designed the course content including projects, assignments, quizzes, labs, and exams. I lectured, conversed in seminars, and periodically held one-on-one meetings. I have taught hands-on production courses, abstract concepts, research methods, media theories, guided campaigns, writing courses, and much more for print, online, and mobile media.


Classroom Formats: During my time as a university instructor, I have taught courses in mass communication, electronic media, advertising, and journalism. I have taught from a distance (Skyping once per week and meeting with students in the classroom once per week) for two courses. I have also taught lecture classes, seminars, an independent study, semester long courses, a three-week course (May), and a six-week course (summer). As a student, I have taken traditional classroom courses, two online courses, and a few independent research study projects. In so doing, I have had the opportunity to work with dozens of faculty members and students at multiple universities in varying contexts.


Multitasking: I have maintained a rigorous graduate school course load while continuing to teach, conduct research, and produce freelance media content for multiple clients. During this time, I have built and maintained lasting relationships with faculty, students, and clients alike.


Student Comments:

“Mr. Hahn was a good instructor, and I enjoyed his class greatly. He was always eager to help.”

“I loved this class! Mr. Hahn is a great instructor! I learned so much.”

“Awesome teacher. Great class for people that have 0% experience.”

“Really enjoyed this class!”

“Very helpful. Explanations for tricks and skills were very useful.”

“I appreciated Mr. Hahn’s enthusiasm, and he did a good job with lecture.”

“He is a good instructor.”

“Overall, I really enjoyed the class.”

“Mr. Hahn is a great teacher and really tries to help when students do not understand the programs.”

“Fair and understanding.”

“Seriously, great teacher. Mr. Hahn did a great job teaching this class and making the readings relevant.”


Linear Video Editing (DVCAM)

Nonlinear Video Editing

Digital Photography

Jib Operations

News Writing (All Formats)

Web Design

Radio Announcing

Board Operating

Live Event Recording

Lighting and Audio Set-up

Apple and PC Compatible Systems


Premier Pro

Final Cut Pro






Media Encoder





Helen DeVitt Jones Part-time

     Graduate Fellowship

Hutcheson Graduate Fellowship

Helen DeVitt Jones Scholarship

     and Graduate Fellowship

Graduate Assistantship Position

     at Texas Tech University

College of Mass Communication

     Scholarship at Harding and

     Texas Tech University

Harding University Academic


TNT Doc Holloway Scholarship

Harding University Track and

     Field Athletic Scholarship

Ironman Texas Finisher

International Travel:


Peer-reviewed Publications

Cummins, R., & Hahn, D. (in print) Does instant replay increase enjoyment? Examining the relationship between instant replay,

          enjoyment, and perceived violence of play. Mass Communication and Society, 2013.

Hahn, D., & Cummins, R. (under review) More than just a pretty face? Examining the influence of attractiveness and

          reporter/athlete congruity on perceived credibility. Journal, 2013.

Hahn, D., Cummins, R., & VanDyke, M. (in preparation for journal submission). More of a Numbers Game than Ever? A

          Longitudinal Examination of the Change in Frequency, Type, and Presentation Form of Statistics Used in NFL Broadcasts.

          Journal, 2013


Conference Papers

Hahn, D. (2014, September). Examining the impact of fan motivation on exemplification effects within sports media. Paper to be

          presented at the Broadcast Education Association's District 5 Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Hahn, D., & VanDyke, M. (2013, August). More of a numbers game than ever? A longitudinal examination of the change in

          frequency, type, and presentation form of statistics used in NFL broadcasts. Paper to be presented at the Association for

          Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conference, Washington, D.C.

Hahn, D., & Cummins, R. (2012, August). More than just a pretty face? Examining the influence of attractiveness and

          reporter/athlete congruity on perceived credibility. Paper to be presented at the Association for Education in Journalism

          and Mass Communication annual conference, Chicago, Illinois.

Hughes, S. & Hahn, D. (2012, June). Sing it out: A study of worship media effectiveness. Paper presented at the Christian Scholars’

          Conference, Nashville, Tennessee.

Cummins, G. & Hahn, D. (2012, April). Does instant replay increase enjoyment? Examining the relationship between instant

          replay, enjoyment, and perceived violence of play. Paper presented at the Broadcast Education Association, Las Vegas,


Hahn, D. (2011, November). Determining potential factors influencing online blog credibility: The continued examination of age

          and gender in addition to number of followers. Paper presented at the International Research Conference for Graduate

          Students, San Marcos, Texas.

Hahn, D. (2011, November). Setting the campus agenda: A front-page look at the influence of collegiate news media. Paper

          presented at the International Research Conference for Graduate Students, San Marcos, Texas.

*Awarded Second Place Honors for the 2012 BEA Sports Division.


Research Experience and Agenda

Methods: I have worked in content analyses, experiments, historical analyses, and surveys.

Lab Experience: I have experience working in MediaLab software, eye-tracking labs, psychophysiology labs, continuous response measurements, and survey software.

Research Responsibilities: I have recruited, worked with IRB, conducted studies, collected data, analyzed results, and worked to finalize papers for personal papers or in collaboration with other students and/or professors.

Former Areas of Investigation: I have aided in sports media, political communication, historical analyses in public relations, and television advertising research.

Current and Future Projects: I continue my own line of research in sports media by investigating exemplification theory within the context in order to expound upon and uncover presence, consumption, retention, and processing of base rate information and exemplars. I also have research proposals ready for data collection on such topics covering pedagogical credibility factors, emotions and gender in source credibility, credibility and dialogue in online organization-public relationships, congruence and credibility in political advertisements, cognitive dissonance and partisan politics, and more.


Industry Memberships and Organizational Participation

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

          Description: Member and presenter in many sessions including the sport communication division.

Broadcast Education Association

          Description: Member and district conference presenter.

National Broadcasting Society

          Description: Member.


Student Organizations and Guidance

WTTV Live Crew

          Description: Advisor to the student-produced sports broadcasts in collaboration with the university's athletic department

National Broadcasting Society

          Description: Co-advisor to the NBS students' chapter at WTAMU that serves, competes, and collaborates in media production projects.


Student Advisor

          Description: Oversees students' progress in the program and aids in degree planning in order to graduate the student in a timely manner.


Committees (University, College, and Department)

New Faculty Search Committee

          Description: Aided in the research, campus visit, and selection of a new faculty member in our department.

Communication Reaffirmation of Accreditation Committee

          Description: Member of the committee that aided in the Department of Communication's reaffirmation of accreditation through visitations and more.

Communication Curriculum Committee

          Description: Committee that aimed to further prepare students for future careers in mass communication through curriculum revisions and updates.

College of Fine Arts and Humanities Curriculum Committee

          Description: Committee that seeks to make necessary curriculum revisions and updates to prepare students better for their chosen fields.


Community Contributions

Southwest Church of Christ

          Description: Active member of a local, Christ-centered group of individuals where I support the group and community through teaching, service projects,

          contributions, speaking engagements, small group gatherings, media consulting, and more.

Media Consulting

          Description: Occasionally lend my media expertise as a consultant to local and distant non-profits in order to improve or begin further media objectives.

Freelance Media Production

          Description: Often contribute my media skills to non-profits and do media work for local families and newly wed couples.


Reaching Audiences Conference (Lubbock, Texas)                                                                                                                                                Summer 2013

I collaborated in an effort to edit and produce a series of videos to highlight the conference. 

Online Educational Tutorials (Lubbock, Texas)                                                                                                                                                       Spring 2012 to Spring 2013

I am currently shooting, editing, and producing online video tutorials for the Stochastic Challenge project funded by a grant

through the National Science Foundation.           

Freelance (Lubbock and Cleburne, Texas)                                                                                                                                                               Spring 2011 to Present

I shoot and edit professional photos and videos for a variety of clients.

Hahn Media Productions (Searcy, Arkansas)                                                                                                                                                           2010 Calendar Year

I owned my own production company specializing in wedding videos, corporate videos, DVD building, and family photography

Silo Seven Films’ Assistant (Marion, Illinois)                                                                                                                                                             Summers 2007 and 2009

I worked with the company owner in post-production editing, assembling and managing equipment, coordinated operations,

provided on-camera talent as needed.

KVHU 95.3’s Production Engineer (Searcy, Arkansas)                                                                                                                                             Fall 2008 to Fall 2009

I was the university’s board operator and producer during intercollegiate football andbasketball games for the commercial

radio station.

TV16’s Production Assistant (Searcy, Arkansas)                                                                                                                                                       Spring 2008

I operated studio cameras, ran prompters, managed time, controlled audio and lighting boards, and operating the live video

editor for the university’s cable television station.


Dr. Glenn Cummins – Assistant Department Chair of Electronic Media and Professor at Texas Tech University


Dr. Cheryl Bacon – Department Chair of Journalism and Mass Communication at Abilene Christian University


Dr. Coy Callison – Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Professor at Texas Tech University


Dr. Todd Chambers – Department Chair of Journalism and Electronic Media and Professor at Texas Tech University